PADI instructors Frank, Patrice, Jim and Allison are all here for your Instruction and teaching needs.

If you would like to become a certified diver the full PADI certification course is available as well. If you have started your coursework and need to complete your REFERRAL dives, we can do that to!

We have the following courses available:
Discover Scuba Diving
Open Water Certification
Open Water Referrals
Advanced Open Water
Rescue Diver
Nitrox Certification

Advanced Diver
Dive Specialties
Rescue Diver
Dive Master in training

If you would like more information on availability or creative package prices give us a call.


Book our boat, captain and crew just for you and your group. Pick up to a 5 hour adventure of your choice. Dive, snorkel, dolphin watch and (in season) whale watch. Pick your adventure we will take care of the details. Snacks, lunch, snorkel gear a dive or snorkel guide and fun all included.
1 – 6 people $1200
7- 12 people $1700

Added dive guides, instructors, dive gear, nitrox can also be added to your private package.


Not certified yet? Come out on our boat and TRY SCUBA! Our experienced instructors will safely introduce you to the underwater world. A short class and a private dive give you a chance to explore in a safe supervised environment. If you are already a comfortable and confident swimmer and snorkeler, this TRY SCUBA experience may be perfect for you!


Join us on any of our day or night charters as a snorkeler or rider.


Of the most popular of Kona’s dive offerings. Let us share the Manta Ray experience with you. Our meeting times vary with the time of year so be sure to check with us shortly before your scheduled trip for our depart time. We offer both a 2 tank or a one tank experience for you to consider. The manta ray dive site is just a 20 minute boat ride away. If you have not been diving in a while or if you would like to experience the novelty of our crepuscular dive with the mantas as a 2nd dive experience book this as a 2 tank experience. If you have some night dive experience and have been diving recently, you can book this as a one tank Manta Dive experience.

Pacific Rim Divers Limited Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Charters


Once the plankton has begun to gather around our campfire of light on the bottom, the mantas come nearer to look for their dinner. Plankton is on the menu, and lots of it! Many groups of divers and snorkelers gather together for this event. The more the better as far as the mantas are concerned. You see, light brings plankton, and plankton brings mantas. We settle onto the bottom, hold still, shine our bright lights up into the water column and watch the most amazing show you have ever experienced in 30 ft of water!When the conditions are right (which is about 90 % of the time) one or many of these gentle giants feed on plankton that has gathered in the lights over head. Divers describe this experience as being an amazing, surreal, underwater ballet. That it is. Watch a short video of this experience here (add link to video)


Experience allows divers to enjoy a late afternoon crepuscular dive (that’s the one right at sunset) followed by the night manta ray night dive. The crepuscular dive is an amazing nightly event unfolding right before our eyes. Observe the “changing of the guard” as your guide points out the many changes in the reef as its inhabitants begin to get ready for bed and night creatures become more active. Our surface interval includes a light snack and preparation for big event. The manta ray night dive.

Explore off the beaten path. Boundless is built to take us easily beyond our countless 2 tank dive sites. New topography and reef life, extensive lava tubes, steep canyons, seldom encountered fishes lure us into the reaches of the Kona coast. Our mid and long range charters offer our divers an opportunity to explore something a little different. Some of these sites are best suited for experienced or advanced divers. If it’s been a while since you’ve dived or you want a chance to test out your old, new or recently serviced equipment, be sure to book your 2 tank morning dive first. Make it a super 3 day package by including a morning 2 dive charter, night charter and mid or long range charter! Fun on so many levels.


It’s a whole new world under there! Our one tank night dive will find our small group of divers slowly moving across familiar reefs. While day fish sleep, the reef comes alive with it’s creatures of the night.Lobsters, eels, crabs, nudibranchs, and so many more of our reef creatures are out trekking about in search of food. Animals that hide and sleep during the day come out to mate, forage and spawn. Familiar day creatures take on a new look as they blend and hide in their sleeping holes. Parrot fish build their mucus sleeping bag, white strips of spawn ooze from the spiny urchins back.Lions paw cucumbers creep about with their fuzzy feeding tentacles reaching outward for food.Watch a cone shell envenomate and consume its cowrie victim. An amazing compliment to a full schedule of reef diving. A night dive is a great way to experience the reef in a whole new way.


The very best way to explore the amazing reefs along the Kona Coast. Soon after meeting at 7:30am we board Boundless and enjoy the 5 to 20 minute boat ride to our first dive site. We are often greeted at the harbor mouth by a pod of spinner dolphins. Might as well enjoy them while we spend a few minutes talking about the days dive conditions and choosing our first dive site. Our briefings include relevant information about our dive site, possible critter sightings and interesting behaviors and safety. Once in the water follow your guide for the best each site has to offer. We love to point out interesting creatures and activities or you are welcome to float along and enjoy the peaceful Zen of diving in a beautiful environment. Back on board, our surface interval is a great time to enjoy a hot shower, snacks, cool water and happy surface interval chat. Once we have moved to our second dive site it is time for a briefing and repeat! Back at the harbor around 1 pm, we rinse your gear for you and even store it if you are returning for another dive with us.